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A few short years ago, Jason Keating, a qualified and experienced Chef happened to come across an American Smoker/Barbecue. Jason was always looking for different and new ways of cooking which would challenge and excite him and now he had found it. He began in his spare time to educate himself in the art of smoking meats and experimented using various different methods.  His culinary skills gave him the advantage when he invented his own rubs and spices which perfectly compliment the unique smoked flavour of his meats. He smokes his meats using a custom-built smoker/barbecue in his shed/unit located beside a quaint village pub called Cooney’s in

Mangan Hollyfort Gorey in Co. Wexford.  To anyone who has had the fortune of frequenting this pub, they will know that its character and charm is unique and a rare commodity to find these days.  So, as time progressed Barbecue Cowboys was formed and is now in its 4th year.

Barbecue Cowboys have catered for Festivals such as Slane Castle, Longitude, Knockanstockan and just this year at Forever Young In Naas Co. Kildare. They cater to private parties, corporate events and weddings also.  Along with their beef brisket, pulled pork, Cajun chicken and mouth-watering fall off the bone succulent smoked ribs, last but not least are the Barbecue Cowboys Burnt End Beans. We call them the ‘Experience’ and to those who have tasted them, they will understand.  The understanding is in the tasting and from there on out a barbecue will not be a barbecue unless you have Barbecue Cowboys Burnt End Beans.

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Jason Keating
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